People's Book Prize 2017 shortlists

News - Prizes Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Prize ceremony on 23 May at Stationers' Hall

The 36 finalists for the People's Book Prize 2017 have been announced. The prize dinner will take place on 23 May at Stationers' Hall.

Spring 2016
The Modigliani Girl, Jacqui Lofthouse (Blackbird Digital)
The Grotto's Secret, Paula Wynne (Prado Press)
Murder Ring, Leigh Russell (Oldcastle)

Irreplaceable, Louise Moir (Thistle)
Chilled Children, Stuart and Amanda Jewell (Poems and Pictures)
HIRED, FIRED, FLED, Charlie Raymond (Saxon Nomad Media)

Escape From Nettle Farm, Justin Davis (Matador)
Meo the Meerkat, Kevin Crookes (Blossom Spring)
An Alphabet of Awful Animals for Adults, George Courtauld (Essex Women's Advisory Group)

Winter 2016
The End of the Pier, James C Lee (Troubador)
Quintember, Richard Major (Indie Books)
Rickshaw, David McGrath (Thistle)

A Life in Death, Richard Venables, Kris Hollington (Thistle)
100 Ways to Fight the Flab - And Still Have Wine and Chocolate, Jane Wenham-Jones (Accent Press)
Rent Unmasked, Fred Harrison (Shepheard-Walwyn)

Saving Maya, Janetta Harvey, illustrated by Annabel Wilson (Troubador)
Triangular Trev And The Shape Idols, Christina Gabbitas (Poems and Pictures)
Chatty Cat, Suzan Collins (East Anglia Press)

Autumn 2016

Valentina, SE Lynes (Blackbird Digital)
The Shift, RJ Mitchell (McNidder & Grace)
Sometimes a River Song, Avril Joy (Linen Press)

Prevent and Cure Diabetes, Dr Sarah Myhill and Craig Robinson (Hammersmith Books)
Teenage Kicks, Michael Bradley (Omnibus)
Blag, Steal & Borrow, Gary Raymond (Percy Publishing)

The Wolf Is Not Invited, Avril McDonald (Crown House)
Little Red Riding Hood, the Wolf, Grandma and the Woodcutter, John Fidler (Creative Educational Press)
King's Company, Jessamy Taylor (Indie Books)

Summer 2016

Catryn Power Short Stories, Catryn Power (On Stream Publications)
Surfing in Stilettos, Carol Wyer (Delancey Press)
Lifeform Three, Roz Morris (Fabled Lands)

Library Cat, Alex Howard (Black & White)
From Yellow Star to Pop Star, Dorit Oliver-Wolff (Red Door)
The Upside Down Mountain, Mags MacKean (John Hunt)

Melvin McGee: Zombie Hunter, Mathew Sullivan (Creative Educational Press)
Apley Towers: The Lost Kodas, Myra King (Sweet Cherry Publishing)
Dognapped!, David J Robertson (Troubador)

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