Verso acquires 'masterly' Brexit portrait by James Meek

Rights - NonFiction Friday, 09 November 2018

Dreams of Leaving and Remaining will be out in March 2019, as Britain quits the EU

Verso Books has signed Dreams of Leaving and Remaining by James Meek, publishing in March 2019 as the UK prepares to leave the EU. Leo Hollis, senior editor, bought world English rights from Natasha Fairweather at Rogers, Coleridge & White.

Hollis described the book as "a brilliant and timely dissection of the ancient, primal myths, deeper histories and political folk-legends that we tell ourselves to make sense of the present moment."

Meek's last book with Verso, Private Island, won the 2015 Orwell Prize. Meek, who has been desribed as "the George Orwell of our times," went in search of the stories and consequences of since the referedum in 2016.

'He discusses the desire to leave with farmers and fishermen, despite the loss of protections and fears of the future that this might bring. He reports as a Cadbury's factory is shut down and moved to Poland, in the name of free market economics, and how it impacts on the local community left behind. He charts how the NHS is coping with the twin burdens of austerity and an aging population,' says the publication announcement.

Dreams of Leaving and Remaining
is described as 'urgent reporting from the frontline of the crisis from one of our finest journalists. James Meek asks what we recover from the debris of an old nation as we head towards new horizons, and what we must leave behind. He does not find any easy answers that will satisfy Brexiteers or Remainers, but instead paints a masterly portrait of an anxious nation.'

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