Square Peg signs Orgasm deal

Rights - NonFiction Wednesday, 27 March 2019

More Orgasms Please acquired direct from authors The Hotbed Collective 'to help close the pleasure gap, one orgasm at a time'

Rowan Yapp, editorial director at Square Peg, bought World rights direct; Square Peg will publish in hardback on 4 July 2019.

According to the acquisition statement: 'An orgasm will help you sleep and keep you looking younger, it doesn’t cost money and isn’t a scarce resource. So why is it that, like the pay gap, there is an "orgasm gap" between women and men?

'The Hotbed Collective began life as a podcast – with writers Lisa Williams and Anniki Sommerville at the forefront – with a mission "to make life better one orgasm at a time." The podcast has given a platform to doctors, therapists, bloggers, politicians and celebrities to talk honestly about female pleasure in all its forms.

"Their debut book, More Orgasms Please, is an open, honest and at moments hilarious dive into all aspects of sex for women. It covers feminist porn, body image, menopause and much more. This eye-opening book puts women’s bodies and right to pleasure firmly on the map at a time when it couldn’t be more crucial."

Yapp said: "The Hotbed is everything I want in a podcast – it is funny and frank, enlightening and empowering. Lisa and Anniki have brilliantly captured that same spirit on the page. I see this book as like ‘Couch to 5k’… for orgasms."

The Hotbed Collective said: "We started The Hotbed podcast to talk about everyday sex (you know… the kind of sex that doesn’t happen every day), and were amazed by the number of listeners who got in touch to say they experience the same obstacles to pleasure as we did.

"We are thrilled to be working with Square Peg on More Orgasms Please, and to have the chance to combine the latest research into female pleasure with our personal stories and zero-effort tips – with the odd detour into angry feminism – to help close the pleasure gap, one orgasm at a time."

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