Vintage reveals new editorial appointments

News - Publishing Friday, 24 May 2019

Hattie Adam-Smith and Nick Skidmore take up new roles at Vintage

Vintage has announced two new job appointments, with Hattie Adam-Smith named Vintage Classics editorial director, and Nick Skidmore promoted to senior editor for Vintage Classics & Catalogue.

Adam-Smith (pictured) will be rejoining Vintage from July 2019; as an advocate for the classics, she will help to grow the Vintage Classics list. She has been working as a freelance marketing and brand consultant after spending a year as brand director at Vintage Books. She has also been acting deputy marketing director at Cornerstone and has spent time at Michael Joseph, Think Jam and Panmacmillan. She will report to Beth Coates, publishing director for Paperbacks and Classics.

Skidmore joined the Vintage team in 2017, and aims to 'consolidate Vintage's catalogue publishing' by bringing Paperbacks and Classics 'into even closer alignment' and highlighting books in the imprint's catalogue.

Adam-Smith said: "More than ever we need to be looking to the past in order to better understand where we are going. We must look for new and innovative ways to present these extraordinary books in order to ensure that people continue to discover them in the future."

Skidmore said: "The opportunities around catalogue publishing are vast and exciting, and with such an extensive list to explore, I'm looking forward to spotlighting the gems of the Vintage Catalogue, while developing our catalogue strategy and growing the Vintage Classics list."

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