Mulcahy Conway Associates - Literary Agent

• 05 February 2013

Salary: Competitive

Mulcahy Conway Associates is a dynamic literary agency representing a broad range of authors, including adult and children's fiction writers, historians, academics, food writers and journalists.
We regularly represent autobiographies by figures from public life such as actors, comedians, musicians and others whose life story is of strong interest to the general reader. 2012 was a cracking year for the agency, and included three No 1 Sunday Times non-fiction bestsellers. Some of our recent bestselling authors include Clare Balding, David Mitchell, Lisa Faulkner, and Ha-Joon Chang. Please see our website.

We're looking for a talented and experienced Literary Agent with a strong interest in popular and literary fiction. It's an exciting opportunity for someone with a proven track record, a keen sense of commercial trends and quality writing, and who loves a great story. The candidate will help to direct the company’s strategy as we expand and continue to find creative ways to develop the services we offer to our clients (see our other online ad for an Agent Assistant to develop the agency's author marketing capabilities). The candidate will enjoy the support of our experienced contracts, finance and rights team. 

Please send your CV and covering letter to