BookBrunch and coronavirus: a message to readers

Opinion - Publishing Wednesday, 1st July 2020

Managing director Jo Henry updates readers on lockdown, BookBrunch and the next steps

As the book trade cautiously starts to emerge into the ‘new normal’, with bookshops reopening and publishers taking staff off furlough and unlocking their offices – though some of the biggest say that they will not do so until September at the earliest – we at BookBrunch will continue to report on what’s happening in the industry.

As a virtual business with no office space we were probably rather less affected than many companies by the need to work from home, though the loss of the London Book Fair, when we publish a daily print edition with our colleagues from Publishers Weekly in the US and where we are able to catch up with so many colleagues and friends, was a challenge.

Looking back over the last few months, we can say that BookBrunch has had a very busy lockdown, which we suspect - and hope - means that the book trade has had too. Using a rather unscientific method we calculate that we’ve reported about 15% more stories over the past three months than we did over the same period last year: lots of rights deals; news on events, conferences and author launches going virtual; updates on different trade sectors and how they are coping with the situation; two virtual award ceremonies for BookBrunch’s Selfies Awards, and much, much more.

We are extremely grateful to all our readers and subscribers for supporting us during these hard times. Do please continue to send us all your news so that we can keep the book trade informed, entertained and up to date as, cautiously, we enter the second half of 2020 – a year most of us will be very glad to get to see the back of!

Jo Henry,
Managing director,

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