BookBrunch launches HomeSwap@BookBrunch

News Monday, 27th September 2021

New service for subscribers

BookBrunch is launching HomeSwap@BookBrunch, a new service for subscribers.

Most book people love travelling and exploring new places - even if in the past few years this will primarily have meant seeing more of the country they already live in - so what better way to do this than by enjoying a free holiday in the home of someone else in the same industry? While the benefits of home swapping are obvious, the site also enables members to list properties that are for rent.

Based on the shared values of people in the book world, HomeSwap@BookBrunch will offer various places to stay, from city centre flats to homes in the country - and all no doubt with wonderful bookshelves! HomeSwap@BookBrunch launches with properties both in the UK and abroad, with further international destinations to be added as travel opportunities increase. 

HomeSwap@BookBrunch is now available for BookBrunch subscribers to sign up to and start swapping to enjoy some no doubt much-needed R&R. The service is free of charge until the end of the year, after which the membership price will be £25 to run concurrently with a member’s BookBrunch subscription period.  

Jo Henry, md of BookBrunch, said: "After more than 18 months of a global pandemic that has meant many of us have been working harder than ever, the BookBrunch team felt that our readers would be interested in the opportunity to take a free holiday. We’re therefore delighted to be offering this brand new service to BookBrunch members of the book industry community. Do join us, sign up and plan a free holiday soon!"

Details to note:

• HomeSwap@BookBrunch is exclusively for BookBrunch subscribers. It is based on the shared values of trusted standards and a connected network within the book industry
• HomeSwap@BookBrunch is a virtual shop window enabling people to connect with each other; BookBrunch does not get involved in the transaction
• There is also an opportunity to list a house for holiday rental if preferred
• This service is open to all individual and company BookBrunch subscribers; to check existing subscriptions please contact