Global supply chain survey launched

News - Publishing Thursday, 3rd December 2020

BIC, BISG, and BookNet Canada unveil world-wide survey of book supply chain and ask readers to take part and recruit new participants by sharing link

In September, BIC, BISG, and BookNet Canada announced the International Green Book Supply Chain Alliance which will see information sharing, joint planning, environmental events, and other initiatives.

This week the three organisations have launched a global survey to allow 'BIC to better understand what initiatives are currently being taken by industry organizations, as well as priorities for the coming year. The results of the survey will be shared in early 2021, to improve understanding of industry efforts to address book publishing's impact on the environment, particularly with regards to the book supply chain.'

The survey is at and organisers are asking people to share it throughout the book industry worldwide, to boost take-up and improve the accuracy of results and insight.

The survey consists of about two dozen questions, most multiple-choice. Responses may be aggregated to provide a summary report and all three organisations have agreed that survey responses answers will be treated in confidence, and any contact information will be kept separate from the information received.

Karina Urquhart (pictured) at BIC, Brian O'Leary at BISG, and Noah Genner at BookNet Canada have been meeting weekly to 'finalise approaches to governance and participation in the alliance. The discussions have included a draft list of initial priorities that will be tested and refined through the survey. Additional information on plans for 2021 will be shared shortly, accompanied by the results of the open survey.'

Urquhart, who is executive director at BIC, said: "The intention is to use the findings of the survey to frame the key priorities and action plan of the International Green Book Supply Chain Alliance as having a global approach to the key environmental challenges we all face in the book industry is going to be a critical component of the solution and the Alliance will be providing the global leadership to drive this. I do hope that as many organisations as possible will want to take part in this important global effort."