How is HP helping publishers improve their green credentials?

News - Publishing Wednesday, 14th April 2021

Paul Randall: 'We truly want to help make a difference on the environment front'

As BookBrunch begins a collaboration with HP Publishing Solutions on a series of articles and resources for the book industry around improving sustainability, Jo Henry, BookBrunch md, talks to Paul Randall, HP Product Marketing Manager.
Known globally as a leading player in the information technology industry, HP may not be so well known for the role it is increasingly playing in the publishing industry. For the past 25 years it has been developing digital printing hardware for a number of print markets, spurred on by the benefits of PoD, with shorter runs and quicker turnaround delivering agility and speed for publishers. It is estimated that around half of the PoD market across the US and Europe is currently produced on HP technology; now with 50 print service providers in 18 countries around the world, HP is keen to use its network to drive efficiency, reduce costs - and importantly, drive more sustainable practices. 
"We truly want to help make a difference on the environment front," says Randall, "and to enable things for the betterment of society. There is significant room for improvement, and we all need to take ownership of that."
In a brand new White Paper, Reduce Your Carbon Footprint, now available free of charge through BookBrunch, HP has looked at what the global network offers publishers and content owners in their drive to reduce costs and improve environmental practices.
With information of relevance to all types of publishers, Reduce Your Carbon Footprint includes a fascinating case study from one of the largest, Pearson, who is leveraging HP solutions and technology for a global PoD initiative. 
For more information, download your free copy of Reduce Your Carbon Footprint here. The full interview with Paul Randall is available to watch here.