Montegrappa and the Reacher guy

News - Books Monday, 21st September 2020

Lee Child gets bespoke pen

The 108-year-old Italian firm Montegrappa has created a bespoke pen for thriller writer Lee Child by way of retirement gift as he prepares to hand over the writing of the bestselling Jack Reacher novels to his younger brother, Andrew Grant. The gesture is timed to coincide with the publication of Heather Martin's authorised biography The Reacher Guy (Constable).

The pen is the work of Montegrappa CEO Giuseppe Aquila, who was also inspired by the limited edition bookplate designed for the biography by Tamsin Rosewell of Kenilworth Books, using Montegrappa pens and inks (The Life of Lee Child on a bookplate, by Heather Martin). The midnight-blue celluloid of the barrel echoes the book cover, and the thuja wood evokes the styling of vintage British cars. There are both signature details and personalised touches: Child's zodiac sign on the captop disc, his initials on the sterling silver band, and the 29 September publication date of The Reacher Guy - exactly one month before Child's 66th birthday - engraved on the presentation box.

Aquila said: "We are delighted to help celebrate Lee's stellar career. Relationships with writers have been part of Montegrappa's story since the early days of Ernest Hemingway. As a long-time Jack Reacher fan, designing a pen for Lee was an honour for me: a chance to say thanks with a small thrill of our own."

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