Pearson adopts HP Piazza to drive 'Inventory Free' publishing model

News - Publishing Thursday, 18th March 2021

Leading learning company partnered with HP for 'digital first' strategy

Pearson is the world's leading learning company providing content and digital services to learners and educational institutions across the globe. Faced with changing industry demands, Pearson needed to achieve supply chain improvements that reduced the need for warehousing, improved environmental sustainability, and encompassed the need for more personalisation. 

Watch an interview with Manos Kapterian – Senior VP of Operations at Pearson

HP Piazza offers Pearson a single global cloud-based repository for over 5000 of their Education titles in the UK and parts of EMEA. These titles can then be pushed out via HP Site Flow to a global print network achieving an ‘Inventory Free’ print model, ensuring books are printed on-demand where needed and when needed. 

In addition, HP will help their sustainability agenda (reduced book miles) and complement their ‘digital first’ strategy – enabling a richer, immersive learning experience making print always available. Results. 

The partnership with HP has enabled Pearson to complement its ‘digital first’ strategy. This will reduce costs, reduce obsolescence, drive improved environmental sustainability, and ensure that content is 'Always Available'. Access to a global print on demand network has also ensured a resiliency for the Pearson supply chain meaning they can quickly react to changing market dynamics.

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