People's Book Prize unveils 2021/22 contenders

News - Prizes Tuesday, 19th October 2021

Public voting opens for children's, non-fiction, fiction contenders

The People's Book Prize has unveiled the titles in contention for the 2021/22  prizes, which will be presented in May 2022. Voting is open until 30 April at

Believe in the Magic of Blackburn, Christina Gabbitas (Poems & Pictures)
Billy Swift Takes Flight, Iszi Laurence (Bloomsbury)
Everyday Magic, Jess Kidd (Canongate)
I Master Shakespeare, David Lawrence-Young (Conrad Press)
Innocently Guilty, Ashling Bourke (Conrad Press)
Legal Crime, S Bhattacharjee (Conrad Press)
Little Lasagne Sisters, Elisabetta Astolfi (Cook With Me)
Lockdown Life by Children, Young People, Teachers (Poems & Pictures) 
Mr Broccoli - Veggie Adventures, Natasha Rose Mills (Compass Publishing)
MUNU, Shirley Galligan (Shepheard-Walwyn) 
POG, Anthony Haydock (Blossom Spring)
Rainbows During Lockdown, R Powell (Blossom Spring)
Rappaman Read Aloud Proudly, Donovan Christopher (Poems & Pictures) 
Something I Said, Ben Pailey Smith (Bloomsbury)
The Five Clues, Anthony Kessel (Crown House)
The Lightning Catcher, Clare Weze (Bloomsbury)
The Night the Moon Went Out, Samantha Baines (Bloomsbury) 
The Valley of Lost Secrets, Lesley Parr (Bloomsbury)
Yapping Away, Joshua Seigal (Bloomsbury Education)

A State of Fear, Laura Dodswort (Pinter & Martin) 
Emotional Logic, Dr T Griffith and Dr M Langsford (Hammersmith Books)  
Feeding Your Vegan Child, Dr Sandra Hood RD (Hammersmith Books) 
Florence Nightingale at Home, Crawford, Greenwood, Bates, Memel (Palgrave)
Poverty Is Not Natural, George Curtis (Shepheard-Walwyn) 
Small Bodies of Water, Nina Mingya Powles (Canongate)
Take A Deep Breath, Igor Goldkind (Chameleon Publishers) 
The Power in the Land, Fred Harrison (Shepheard-Walwyn)
The Unusual Suspect, Ben Machell (Canongate)
Thin Places, Kerri ni Dochartaigh (Canongate)
When the Time Comes, Dr M Cardona and Nurse E Lewis (Hammersmith Books)
A Cobra's Bite Doesn't Hurt, Anil Nijhawan (Conrad Press)
Acts of Kindness, Heather Barnett (Serpentine Books)
Affairs, Denise Denby (Mereo Books)
Body on the Island, Victoria Dowd (Joffe Books) 
Cows Can't Jump, Philip Bowne (Neem Tree Press) 
Don't Forget Me, Lisa Nicholas (Olympia Publishers)
Knife Edge, Kerry Buchanan (Joffe Books)
Maps Full of Borders, Todd Dedman (Conrad Press) 
Mrs Death Misses Death, Salena Godden (Canongate)
Red Corona, Tim Glister (Point Blank (Oneworld) 
The Cabuca, Elaine Graham-Leigh (Conrad Press) 
The Mountains Sing, N P Que Mai (Oneworld) 
The Rocket Post, Ian Glossop (Blossom Spring) 
The Silent Listener, Lyn Yeowart (Joffe Books)