The Rain Heron is BA Book of the Month for July

News - Bookselling Thursday, 2nd July 2020

Published by Atlantic, Robbie Arnott's Rain Heron restarts Book of the Month campaign after three-month break

Robbie Arnott said: "Independent bookshops mean a tremendous amount to me. I worked in one for nearly seven years (if you ever come to Hobart, put Fullers Bookshop on the top of your itinerary), and I still go there all the time. You can’t beat a recommendation from a bookseller who knows what you like to read. That’s the best thing about independent bookshops — the people you meet who introduce you to new worlds."

Sharon Benton, marketing manager at the BA, said: "We are delighted to be restarting the Fiction Book of the Month promotion which was paused earlier in the year due to Covid-19. We are extremely happy to have The Rain Heron by Robbie Arnott selected as the title to relaunch this campaign."

The Rain Heron follows Ren, 'a woman hunting and trading to survive alone on the remote frontier of a country devastated by a coup. Her life is changed when she meets a young soldier who arrives in the mountains searching for a legendary creature, a mission which merges myth with reality.'

Independent bookshops will be promoting The Rain Heron throughout July and the BA will also support the promotion of the Fiction Book of the Month through social media and the provision of downloadable marketing material.

Yesterday The Diddle That Dummed by Kes Gray and Fred Blunt was unveiled as the BA's Children’s Book of the Month.